Rec Fishing Alliance helps voters decide

In a bid to help fishos make an informed choice at Saturday’s federal election, the NSW Recreational Fishing Alliance has issued a media release outlining its views on the major political parties.

In what the Alliance has called an election “that seems devoid of sensible policies and leadership” it has attempted to cut through the spin to show voters how they can ensure the future of recreational fishing.

In summing up on the policies of the major parties the Alliance’s release said:  

The Greens
We believe that the Greens are a serious threat to our fishing in NSW and around Australia. The Greens want fishing bans via the National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas program and want legislated targets of a minimum of 30 per cent “no take” areas per bioregion by 2012.
The Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW is opposed to the introduction of this Green Policy without proper consideration and scientific support. We are also opposed to heavy handed use of no-take zones as a fisheries management tool.

Click HERE to read the Greens Marine and Coastal Policy.

Liberal/National Coalition
You can read the Coalition’s policy at Liberal – Marine Protected Areas Policy HERE and its Real Action Plan HERE.

Labor has released a statement on Fishing and Seafood and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

How to vote
The NSW Recreational Fishing Alliance stresses that fishos have two ways to vote.
The first is the smaller GREEN ballot paper for the House of Representatives, where you can vote for the local candidate you want in government, eg Labor, Liberal, National or Independent. On this paper you will need to number every box. By ensuring that all Green votes are nominated last in numerical order you will then be aiding in blocking The Greens gaining the power they require to lock anglers out of their traditional fishing areas.

Your second vote is the large WHITE ballot paper for the Senate election. The Senate reviews all legislation by the House of Representatives. If the Greens hold the balance of power in the Senate, it is possible they will influence decisions on recreational fishing in Australia.

If you do not want this to happen, you can choose to vote BELOW THE LINE on the large ballot paper, and number every candidate of your choice, with your last votes going to the Greens. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a party who is supporting the fishing cause (The Shooters and Fishers Party —a vote above the line for that Party will automatically ensure that none of your preference votes go to the Greens.)

It’s your decision, but if recreational fishing is important to you and your family, we strongly recommend that you do not vote in a way that will support the Greens.

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