Last chance for your say on marine parks!

Submissions on the review of two marine parks in NSW close at 5pm tomorrow, Friday, September 17. If you want to have your say on how fishing in Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast and around Coffs Harbour, on the North Coast, will continue, you need to log onto www.savejb.com and www.savesol.com NOW and fill out the simple submission forms.

Anti-fishing groups have been caught on the hop by the well-managed campaigns for sensible access rights that have been staged by anglers and spearfishermen. During the past couple of weeks these extremist anti-fishing activists have been madly trying to lobby support for their unscientific and unjustified lock-out plans.

If you want to be able to take your kids for a fish in the future then you need to make the NSW Government aware that you do not support unjustified lock-outs of prime fishing areas.

The fact is that fish stocks in NSW waters are not under threat by well-managed recreational fishing activities. Recreational fishing is worth millions to NSW’s economy and is an important social and sporting activity enjoyed by more than a million men, women and children in NSW, as well as hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists.


Recreational anglers in NSW obviously support and encourage moves to conserve and protect our marine environment – we have a vested interest in this and are the guardians and protectors of our seas and rivers – but unfortunately logic and science has been thrown out the window by a small group of activists who are conducting scare campaigns and want to ban fishing.

Even if you don’t live in NSW, please take the time NOW to fill in the forms on the www.savejb.com and www.savesol.com websites. It’s really easy and should only take a few minutes. Remember to make a personal comment like “I support this submission” at the end. This will mean your submission will be treated individually, not as a form letter.

Now is the last chance you have to prevent anti-fishing extremists from imposing their narrow and biased opinions on the sport and lifestyle we all enjoy.

Log on now to www.savesol.com and www.savejb.com and make your voice heard!

Future generations of Aussie anglers will thank you!

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