NSW marine parks research under review

The NSW Government has appointed three marine conservation and management experts to look at the research and monitoring programs underway in the state’s six marine parks.

The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water’s Director of Environment and Conservation Science, Dr Klaus Koop, said the review was timely given the Marine Parks Authority Strategic Research Plan 2005-10 was nearing the end of its term.

“The marine parks system conserves the marine environment, while providing for a broad range of sustainable uses. In 2009/10 there are over 40 projects spread across our six marine parks as part of a $900,000 research and monitoring program,” said Dr Koop.

“I’m pleased to announce that an independent expert team with extensive experience across a range of Australian jurisdictions and internationally will review our marine park research and monitoring programs to ensure they remain at the forefront of marine science.”

Koop said marine park stakeholders would have an opportunity to contribute to the process with invitations going out to: The Australian Marine Science Association (NSW Branch), Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing (ACoRF), National Parks Association of NSW, Ecofishers (NSW) and Emeritus Professor Robert Kearney.

A written report to the Marine Park Advisory Council later this year is expected to make recommendations on research priorities for future research effort and will inform the development of the 2010-2015 marine park research plan.



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