Erin Brockovich takes on Gladstone Harbour case

AMERICAN celebrity environmental activist Erin Brockovich, who was immortalised in film for her real life role in successfully suing California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company, is the face of a case against Queensland’s Gladstone Ports Corporation (related story here).

The Gladstone Observer reports Shine Lawyers has promoted Brockovich as the public face of its campaign to gain compensation for the commercial fishing industry from the massive dredging project in Gladstone Harbour – believed to be responsible for deaths and illnesses in barramundi and other fish, as well as significant numbers of turtles.

Brockovich has appeared on television to state that dredging had caused severe damage to the harbour and its marine wildlife.

A report in the Australian Financial Review last month said Ms Brockovich receives payments for making trips to Australia to be the public face of the law firm’s cases – in this case the Gladstone Harbour controversy.

Reports that a Brisbane fish auction market has rejected two tonnes of fish from Gladstone Harbour because of health concerns have been confirmed by Safe Food Production Queensland.

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