Thursday, February 29, 2024

First Look: Banax Kingpin X 3000

TRENDS in tackle have seen anglers wanting more for less – they want more features with less weight, more drag pressure with less bulk, and in an environment of price sensitive consumers, many people ultimately want more reel for less money. The Banax Kingpin X 3000 is one of those reels that on paper seems to punch well above its weight yet is light on the wallet.

Aesthetically it looks like a high end jig reel with an aluminium body and rotor plus an aluminium handle featuring a ball bearing handle knob. Taking apart the drag stack reveals five carbon fibre washers sandwiched between corresponding metal washers with the drag appearing smooth on initial testing – greased carbon fibre is a superior drag material found in high end reels so it was pleasing to see this in a value priced offering. A rubber gasket stretched over the cavity that houses the drag washers provides weather sealing when compressed by the drag knob.

This reel is rated to “over 25 kg of drag power”, which seems quite hefty and somewhat overzealous on paper; I’d place the Kingpin X 3000 as a PE4-PE5 reel so a maximum drag of about 12kg is all that is required. It has seven ball bearings plus all of the usual features you expect in a modern jig reel, like solid aluminium construction, infinite anti-reverse, strong gearing and an aluminium spool.

The Banax Kingpin X 3000 has all the bling of a premium reel at a fraction of the price, and while it may not be in the same league as a Salitga or a Stella, which are undoubtedly the gold standard, it also doesn’t carry the thousand dollar plus price tag! The Kingpin X 3000 seems to pack plenty of punch for its retail price tag of around $300.

I haven’t used this reel in anger so cannot comment on longevity and how it actually performs under stress in the field so it will be interesting to see how the reel handles a solid season on the water. Stay tuned!

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