TESTED: Platypus Superbraid 2lb/8lb

ANGLERS are spoilt for choice when it comes to braided lines – lines of varying quality and price point adorn tackle store shelves and whilst they all may appear similar, quality braided lines like the Platypus Super Braid series stand clear of cheap inferior braided lines when put to the test.

I have been using the lighter 2lb and 8lb lines as a long term test on a couple of single handed threadline outfits – the 2lb line I have been using for a few months, the 8lb line was purchased a while back and has been on one of my reels for a few years!
Braided lines can often be quite limp however the lighter Super Braid on test is firm enough to prevent stray loops being thrown when casting and has been hassle free on my light threadline outfits.

This is an important point because a number of braided lines on the market are too limp and don’t cast well on threadlines – the 2lb and 8lb Platypus Super Braid however has enough stiffness to come cleanly off a threadline yet retain enough softness to be memory free.

The braid on test has been put through its paces in the salt water with the line appearing fresh and intact without any apparent degradation or fluffing of the line. The 2lb line was found to break at slightly less than eight pounds and casts like a bullet on my ultra light outfits. After a few years of use the 8 lb braid still looks great and broke at approximately thirteen and a half pounds which clearly confirms the integrity and the longevity of the product.

Platypus Super Braid is a line that has been around for a long while and is suited to both threadline and overhead applications; it’s great to see such high calibre products coming from an iconic Australian brand!

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