Fish eatery leads way with sustainable only menu

REGULAR readers will know that here at Fisho we’ve been outing restaurants that promote the unsustainable consumption of marlin. In Fisho’s opinion these incredible billfish should be free from commercial pressure and saved the fate of dying on long liners’ hooks.

To protect future marlin stocks we recently launched our Take Marlin Off The Menu campaign. Read related items here and here.

While this campaign has aimed to out restaurants and businesses that promoted the unsustainable eating of marlin, we also thought eateries and businesses opposed to the practice should be given due credit., a trendy fish diner situated in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Rozelle, is one such establishment doing its bit to preserve wild fish stocks. The diner only features sustainable fish species on its menu.

Highly praised in today’s Sydney Morning Herald by food writer Terry Durack for its stance on dishing up sustainable-only fish, Fisho also thought deserved a plug. 

A look at the restaurant’s website reveals the owners of as strong advocates of Australia’s aquaculture industry: “As the global demand for fresh seafood increases, so does the pressureon the world’s wild stocks. Aquaculture is one way to guarantee thesurvival of many threatened species, on which the world’s delicateecosystem depends.”

As Durack wrote today, “Walk into Rozelle’s hot new fish diner and you’ll find a giant blackboard scrawled with a list of ‘fish we love’. It includes Ulladulla flathead, Humpty Doo barramundi, NZ freshwater Aoraki salmon,Hiramasa yellowtail kingfish and Palmers Island Mulloway, and they’re adorable, presumably, because they are sustainable.

“What you won’t find are the likes of Patagonian toothfish, orange roughy, swordfish, tuna, skate and blue grenadier. These aren’t fish to be hated; it’s more that we’ve loved them almost to death and need to transfer our affections to those in abundant supply either to transfer our affections to those in abundant supply either through ocean management or fish-farming.”

Fisho congratulates the efforts of owners Michael Milkovic and Michel Grand-Milkovic and hopes other restaurants follow their lead.

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