Fisheries officers nab illegal fisher

NSW Fisheries officers have seized a boat and illegal fishing equipment made partly from a baby bath, during an operation in Botany Bay late last month, said Department of Primary Industries, Acting Director Fisheries Compliance, Tony Andrews.

“Fisheries officers were alerted to illegal fishing activity in Botany Bay and Towra Point
Aquatic Reservce by recreational fishermen in the area,” Mr Andrews said.

“Fisheries Officers began to conduct surveillance patrols in an attempt to locate the
person allegedly setting the illegal gear.

“After locating illegal set lines and establishing a pattern of activity, Fisheries Officers were able to apprehend a 50 year old man from Brighton Le Sands in Quibray Bay, which is part of the Sanctuary Zone of Towra Point Aquatic Reserve on March 28. “

The sanctuary zone of Towra Point Aquatic Reserve is closed to fishing by any method. The aquatic reserve was declared in 1987 to protect all species of fish, habitat and other aquatic life including seagrasses, mangroves and valuable migratory bird habitat.

“The man was spoken to and allegedly found to be using illegal set lines totalling
approximately 180 metres, with 43 hooks, and in possession of prohibited sized
fish and exceeding the bag limit,” Mr Andrews said.

“Fisheries Officers seized the boat, 2 lines, 2 tubs, 1 esky and 54 fish, 25 of which were
of a prohibited size.

“Fisheries officers also seized another six other illegal lines set in the Recreational
Fishing Haven of Botany Bay. The lines were of the same construction to those
which the man was allegedly found using.

“The man took part in a formal record of interview at the Sydney South Fisheries Office
and made admissions regarding the illegal gear. He is facing a number of charges including possess prohibited size fish, possess illegal fishing gear and fish in a protected area.

Illegal fishing activity should be reported to 1800 043 536.

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