Fisherman vs “Activist”

A Melbourne fisherman has filmed the moment he was confronted by an “activist” who accused him of breaking the law.

Lincoln, host of the YouTube fishing channel Land Fish TV, posted the clip of his experience at Albert Park Lake.

It shows him about to make another cast before a woman approached him and also holds up a phone to film the interaction.

“Have you read the sign? The sign down there that says it’s an offence to disturb wild life?” the woman asks.

“We’re not disturbing wildlife,” Lincoln replies.

“You’re fishing, you’re trying to kill fish,” she says.

“There’s baby swans here … and you’ve got your plastic fishing line out, do you think that’s very appropriate? Do you even care?”

Lincoln responds: “I respect wildlife, I catch and release fish and I follow the law.”

After which the woman walks away, saying, “I don’t know how you live with yourself”.

A spokesman from Parks Victoria confirmed it was legal to fish at the lake, which contains a mix of native and introduced fish.

A Victorian recreational fishing licence is required and the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guidelines must be followed.

“Parks Victoria encourages the ‘catch and release’ method of fishing to help maintain the water quality within the lake. European Carp (a noxious fish) however must be removed from the lake once caught,” a visitor guide states.


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