Fishing closures to apply in NSW next month

Industry & Investment NSW (I&I NSW) advises that a new permanent recreational fishing closure is in place in the Brogo River, near Bega from September 1, to provide added protection for Australian bass and other resident fish species.

I&I NSW, Senior Fisheries Manager (Inland), Cameron Westaway said that the fishing closure now applies in the Brogo River, 300 metres downstream from the Brogo Dam wall and encompasses the outlet regulator and the area below the spillway.

“Currently Australian bass & estuary perch may not be taken from rivers for the three months between June and August to protect these important recreational species while they spawn,” Westaway said.

The closure aims to provide added protection to Australian bass during their breeding migration.

I&I NSW also advises that a permanent recreational fishing closure will apply in a small section of the Mehi River, near Moree from September 1.

Cameron Westaway said the fishing closure has been introduced on the Mehi River, downstream of the Moree weir to provide added protection for fish migrating through a new fishway at the site.

“The closure itself affects only a small area of the river, 15 metres upstream and 85 metres downstream of the weir face at Moree,” Westaway said.

“Fish can become concentrated in pools below the weir during periods of high flow.

“The fishing closure will protect migrating fish species such as golden perch and Murray cod around the entrance and exit way and within the resting pools of the new fishway.

“Fishing will continue to be permitted from the public reserve upstream and downstream of this area.”

Signs will be placed at the site clearly indicating the closed area and Fisheries Officers will be patrolling and enforcing the closure.

A list of the recreational fishing closures is available at

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