Fishing gene found in humans


IN a ground breaking decade-long study, scientists can today reveal the presence of a fishing gene in some humans.


Respected science journal, The Daily Scientist, reported on the study which was conducted by the US-based Big Fish Institute.


Head scientist and keen fisho, Dr Jude McGodfrey, said this explains why some humans enjoy fishing and others would rather take part in other activities, like golf or even sailing. He also said it has long-lasting consequences for relationships, families, friends and even employment.


“While this study seems trivial, the results could lead to a breakdown in family values and society as a whole, but there are also several advantages” said Dr McGodfrey.


The Boston-based scientist can also today reveal as part of the study, a simple mouth swab test has been developed.


“Take it along on first dates, share it with your potential friends and work colleagues before embarking on long term relationships with these people,” he said.


“Our research also determined partners carrying the fishing gene were more understanding of fishing habits and big expenditures on vital fishing supplies, like reels, rods and even boats.”


As a result, popular dating app Tinder has announced an update to its platform.


Tinder CEO Brian Nelson said users can now choose a partner based on looks, personality, and finally, fishability.


“Why waste your time choosing a partner who hates fishing and, heaven forbid, could pass the non-fishing gene onto your future children,” said Nelson.


“With our app, a click of a button shows if that rich super model is actually the real deal or a complete fisho hating psycho,” he said.


More details about the study here.

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