Fishing World launches new website

FISHING World this week launched its brand new website.

With an easy to navigate and clean layout, the latest website also caters to the growth in video and visual content while maintaining many of the same popular features that has made an industry leader. The latest website is also mobile-friendly with overall improvements in performance.

Fishing World originally launched its website back in 2009 to complement our established print magazine. After several design changes, and over 14 years of news, feature stories, gear, videos and more, the website holds an abundance of fishing information,” said Fishing World editor Scott Thomas.

“While Fishing World’s print edition, now 54 years old, remains a popular choice for many readers, the website has taken on a life of its own. We live in a digital world and providing readers with instant access to the latest news, gear and fishing knowledge ensures the Fishing World brand will continue to evolve and thrive,” said Thomas.

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