Fishing World publisher: “I pledge to visit a fire affected town with my Empty Esky”

The ‘Bring an Empty Esky’ campaign is aimed at supporting the fire-affected communities.

THIS timely and most relevant media campaign really has struck a chord with Australians and the wider world over the past few harrowing months. The “Bring an Empty Esky” campaign is aimed at supporting the fire-affected communities that need help. Anglers are such steadfast benefactors to Australians in need – as a community we do great things for so many worthy causes and have done for a very long time.

Like all Australians, the recreational fishing community has witnessed such horrific and tragic devastation over this fire season. Many of us have never seen anything like it, and certainly never want to see or experience it again. As one of the “Bring an Empty Esky” founders, Eleanor Ballieu said “We are encouraging everyone to grab an empty Esky, do a road or sea trip, and head into an area impacted by the bushfires when it’s safe to do so, and really shock the locals. Fill that esky with everything local – beer, food, bait, whatever you want”.

For more than 50 years Fishing World has developed a strong relationship with readers, advertisers and so many communities around the nation. It is difficult to articulate our broad reach and the gratitude we have towards our audience – Australia’s core recreational fishing and boating community. Our friends in the Southern Highlands of NSW, the NSW North and South Coasts, through Gippsland in Victoria, the Snowy Mountains, Noosa Hinterland, Canberra/ACT, Adelaide Hills and Blue Mountains need our collective assistance.

This is the time to visit one of these stunning fishing regions which have been so greatly impacted by the 2019/20 bushfire crisis. Your smile and your support are needed now like never before. Every coffee, sandwich, dinner and litre of fuel you buy and accommodation you book in these regions will help these communities get back on track.

So, get a group of mates together, load the fishing tackle and hitch up the boat. Grab those Empty Eskys and make a weekend of it!

In closing, through 2020 and beyond Fishing World will be supporting some of these areas hit hard by bushfire and we urge you to do the same.

See you out on the water!

Fishing World publisher, Chris Yu

For more information on the Empty Esky movement:

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