Fisho’s Top 10 videos

SINCE launched in 2009 we’ve uploaded over 400 videos to our Youtube channel, which has steadily grown to enjoy a following of over 8,500 subscribers and views nudging six million.

While our early videos were basic “bare bones” productions shot with a handicam and edited with simple software, the quality of our vids has steadily improved to where we know we can confidently produce the sort of videos you want to watch.

With fishos always hungry to learn how to improve their skills, not surprisingly, our “how-to” informative videos have consistently proven to be our most popular to date.

With Fisho currently preparing to produce an exciting new fishing video series planned for launch in 2015, there’ll be a whole lot more for you to watch, learn from and enjoy. So stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a rundown of our Top 10 – let us know if you’ve found any of these videos helpful in your fishing.

1 – Fishing World magazine’s Patrick Brennan demonstrates how to cast a baitcaster.

2 – Pat Brennan has the lowdown on the Rattlin’ Rapala, a sinking hard body sub surface lure that puts out loads of underwater noise and vibes.

3 – If you’ve ever wanted to build your own rod this video presented by renowned builder Gary Howard has all the info you’ll need to get started.

4 – This Fishing World presentation shows you how to go about catching your own live bait using Sabiki rigs.

5Fishing World presents another in a new series of practical video demonstrations – how to trim your boat. Presented by Honda Marine.

6 – Chris Seeto outlines the various fishing-friendly features and accessories of the Hobie range.

7 – Rigging live baits correctly makes all the difference to success. Hodgie demonstrates the proven technique for rigging baits like slimy mackerel.

8 – Offshore jigging with metal lures is an exciting way to get connected to big fish. Hodgie shows you how.

9 – The second and final instalment on rod building, presented by custom rod builder Gary Howard.

10 – Patrick Brennan demonstrates how to tie a lure loop knot.

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