Fishos warned to clean up their act

Sydney fishos have again been warned to clean up after themselves when fishing from ferry wharves around the Harbour.

A report in this week’s Daily Telegraph says authorities are being urged to implement a fishing ban after an earlier scheme failed to clean up Canada Bay.

In June, NSW Maritime banned fishing from Abbotsford, Cabarita, Chiswick and Kissing Point wharves between the hours of 10pm and 5am as part of a Clean Safe Wharves initiative.

But residents say fishermen are ignoring the ban and continuing to leave bait and fish guts on the wharves.

Now Canada Bay Council is planning to urge NSW Maritime to extend its ban.

“The wharves are still filthy,” Breakfast Point Residents Group spokesman John McGrath told the Telegraph.

“I was down there this morning and there was blood and guts all over the walls.

“The ban hasn’t made any difference at night. People around here talk about exactly the same problems.”

More than 500 people have signed a petition urging Member for Drummoyne Angela D’Amore to support a ban. NSW Maritime were also set to host a closed meeting in Concord involving police, Canada Bay Council, residents and fishing groups.

Fishermen said they were being penalised because of the bad behaviour of a few.

“I fish here three or four times a week and I always clean up. There are just a few people who make a mess and ruin it for the rest,” Michael Colotouros said.

Fisherman Tommy Kalan said some people still flouted the fishing curfew and he doubted an extended ban would make any difference.

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