Going goggle eyed

Introducing the Williamson Live Goggle Eye/Scad – a weighted sub-surface trolling lure with a newly designed lifelike swimming action incorporating a pounding paddle tail.

When trolled amongst a spread of typical skirted lures the Goggle Eye is designed to drum up predators from beneath the prop wash, its heavy tail-thumping action enticing curious visitors in for the killthanks to those large ensnaring eyes.

The Live Goggle Eye is seven inches long and designed to be super stable when trolled at speeds up to seven knots. The lure’s consistent traction comes courtesy of the lure’s wing design; it comes pre-rigged with 130lb trace, a 9/0 VMC perma steel big game hook and Williamson’s patented “hook locking” system for a positive hook up every time.

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