Great white shark spotted off Sydney’s Long Reef

SYDNEY Fisho Cam Sutherland shot this footage off Long Reef on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

According to reports in the Daily Telegraph, Cam was fishing close to shore, about 500m, when the shark bumped his boat. Cam estimated the shark to be over 5 metres.

“I was reeling in my lure and she just came up from the side out of nowhere, this big head. Didn’t show teeth or anything,” Sutherland told The Daily Telegraph.

“I have a 5m boat and it was bigger than my boat.

“His head was half as wide as the boat. It came up right behind me and started circling me. It was just doing laps around my boat for 15 or 20 minutes. It hit my motor a few times and was rubbing up against my boat.”

Story originally published in the Daily Telgraph.

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