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REGULAR visitors to will notice our reader comments facility at the bottom of each story on the site has changed to the Disqus system in recent weeks.

This update was due to technical difficulties we were experiencing with our previous system. Unfortunately, since the changeover to Disqus we have noticed a significant drop in the number of comments posted on the stories at

To use Disqus you don’t have to be registered, don’t have to supply your real name (if you don’t want to) and can post comments as a guest. You are required to put in an email address but that doesn’t appear with your comment.

We greatly value reader interaction on our site as it lets us know what topics you want to read about, what sort of issues readers are really passionate about, and the areas we can improve on.

So, let’s hear from you!

(Note: comments have to be approved before going “live” and malicious, defamatory or off topic comments won’t get posted).

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