Hobie winner puts prize to good use

As regular readers will recall, we recently ran a very successful Win a Hobie Mirage Pro Angler comp. Our eventual winner was super keen young fisho, 10-year-old Matty Kokegei, who we had chosen as a very worthy winner. As it turned out Matty is also a very unselfish kid who, as excited as he was about his prize, soon realised his dad Chris wouldn’t be able to fish on board the new single seater Hobie with him.

Of hearing of his concerns, Hobie’s MD Steve Fields kindly came to the party and offered Matty a two-man Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish, complete with dual Mirage Drive, that would comfortably accommodate Matty’s dad Chris as well.

This week Fisho was contacted by Chris Kokegei to tell us just how stoked his son was with his prize, and of the successful fishing missions he’s had so far in the ‘yak. He also said Matty had put some words together in thanks to all concerned. So we’ll let young Matty take it away:

“Mike*Star” Moments – by Matty Kokegei

Hi, Its Matty Koke. First I want to say a humungous Thank You to Fishing World magazine and Hobiecat Australia for the Mike*Star. Hobie kindly swapped the Pro Angler I won for a red Outfitter because as I’m only 10 I can’t go far on my own, mmmmm. I named it in honour of my little brother Michael, who died late last year. That’s so his spirit can still fish with me and my dad.

We picked up the Mike Star from Graham Barclay Marine at Forster and everyone one there were really nice and friendly. They showed us all the bits and then Grant (FW August Cover) took us fishing. We fished the racks all afternoon and had an awesome time. Got hits from Bream, Flathead, Long Toms and Flounder.

The wind and the tide were against us but the Yak still went really well and I was surprised at how easy it was to pedal and how well it went. I have done heaps of canoe fishing in fresh and saltwater but the Hobie is way better than any canoe I’ve been in. It is really stable too and I had no problem standing and casting even when other boats came past.

Highlights for the weekend:

Met Grant and he is a champion Fisho and a good bloke. Caught a small Bream on the very first cast. Also caught my first Flounder and I didn’t know they took plastics.

Trip #2.
Spent the day on Erina Creek, at home on the Central Coast. Caught a lot of small fish and a really big Stingray, on a soft plastic. That was lots of fun as it turned us around and towed us for a bit.

Trip # 3.
Terrigal Haven with some mates.
Fishing was very quiet, hardly anything even showing up on the sounder (Lowrance X50). It is really easy to use and is auto everything. This is great for dad cause technology is not his thing, Ha.

Trip # 4. ( wind,wind,wind Happy Fathers Day Dad)
Brisbane water expedition, around Saratoga and Davistown. Bream and flatty were very common with a few Long Tom too. I have never seen or caught them until recently. I also caught a baby crocodile, (56cm Long) it was an awesome fish. Sadly, I got it while dad was putting the
Mikestar back on the car so I can’t claim it as a Yak capture.

Trip # 5.
Terrigal Haven again. Better weather and a few more fish about.
There were lots of Flatties just behind the surfline as we patrolled up and down the beach. A few bream and Long Toms were hanging around the moored charter boats. I am really starting to get used to the
Mike*star, it is awsum.

Finally, I had my first go in the Yak, without a parent with me. Yes, we had life jackets on. It was really cool just Daniel and me

And there were a few fish around too.

· Fishfact – (Learned something new)·
. When a new set (group of waves) come in, so did the fish.
· When there were no waves there were no fish hanging in close either.
· Dad always says “think like a fish” so I guess the waves stir up the sand, which stirs up the food and this attracts the fish. Also they can hide more easily in foaming water than clear water. Every single time a set came in so did fish, there wasn’t any exceptions so it is worth remembering.

Well that’s all for now, tight lines and happy fishing – Matty

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