Iki Jime Tool Lite app launched

AS reported last year, Fishing World’s Dr Ben Diggles has been heavily involved in promoting the development of fish welfare in Australia via the use of the iki jime method.

As well as a technique for dispatching fish humanely, employing iki jime is the best way to ensure fish kept for the table are in the best possible condition. Read more on this here:

Following on from his groundbreaking efforts in this area, Diggles has now made the correct use of iki jime even easier via a new app – Iki Jime Tool Lite.

According to the iTunes description:

This FREE handy fishing app assists anglers to dispatch their catch quickly and humanely using the ikijime method of brain destruction, a method scientifically proven to minimise stress for the fish while also maximising its eating qualities. The app uses the extensive database from the website, with cool photos and x-rays of a wide range of fish species popularly targeted by anglers in Australasia, together with helpful information on their brain location and other interesting fishy facts.

This “IkiJime Tool Lite” version allows users access to the online database up to 25 times before prompting you to purchase the full “IkiJime Tool” version, which for a token fee provides unrestricted access to the online database. If you’re fishing in remote locations, try the “IkiJime Tool Extreme” version of the app, which works in regions where there is no phone or internet coverage. After all, the best fishing spots tend to be in the most remote areas !  

For more info or to download the app go to:

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