Is this a metre flattie?

AT Fisho we quite often hear rumours or second hand reports about someone catching a metre-length dusky flathead, but rarely, if ever, do we see the proof!

A metre-length flattie is definitely the holy grail for lizard lurers, but unlike metre sized barra, kingies, jewies or other popular sportfish, a 100cm-plus lizard is a much rarer fish to catch.

So that leads us to a brief email sent over the Easter break to Fisho writer and lizard luring specialist David Green. The email came from Greg Herdson who outlined his recent capture of a metre-long flattie, which Fisho understands took place on the Gold Coast.

According to Greg: “She was the biggest flattie I’ve caught or seen…”

Greg went on to say that the quality of his pics aren’t that great as they were taken on a phone, but says the flathead was measured on a Barrametre sticker on the boat’s gunwale.

“I would have liked better photos but we were more concerned with getting the fish back in the water than photos,” Greg told Greenie.



Above: Greg Herdson’s metre-length flathead on the Barrametre ruler and (top) its huge shovel head!

Interestingly, Greg adds “Heard recently that someone got a 110cm in the same area.”

And on it goes…

Well done, Greg, that’s one huge flattie!  

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