Junior tagging champ

Six-year-old Noah Kelly recently tagged this 92 cm mulloway out of Newcastle, NSW.

ONE of the great things about fishing is that pretty much anyone can get involved. And that involvement isn’t limited to just catching fish – it can include participating in citizen-based programs that aim to find out more about the fish we love to target.

A great example of this is a mulloway recently tagged by six-year-old Noah Kelly. Young Noah was fishing with his dad out of Newcastle when he hooked the fish. It was a tough fight but Noah slugged it out to land the 92 cm fish.

When given the choice to keep his catch, Noah decided to tag and release it. After watching the fish swim off, he had a smile that lasted for days.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates. You never know – one day Noah’s tagged mulloway might be recaptured by another lucky angler…

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