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Lightweight trebles

MUSTAD has introduced a new compact treble designed for small hard bodied lures. The Mustad 35657-BN is a special short shank, round bend treble hook designed to give good lure clearance without excessive weight.

The Mustad 35657-BN is equipped with the Mustad MT Point, which is a flat-sided point with extra sharpening. This point design gives great sharpness and penetration but bolsters the durability of the point, especially in hooks with fine wire gauges. A smooth black nickel finish also assists penetration.

With a size range of 8 to 14 inclusive, the Mustad 35657-BN trebles will be ideal for lightweight hard bodied lures, especially bream and trout lures. Anglers will appreciate the ease of resharpening allowed by the MT Point, reducing the need for frequent treble changing. The extra short shank also reduces the chance of the trebles interlocking.

The Mustad 35657-BR is attractively packaged on foam backing in blister boxes of 9 hooks. Available now from good fishing tackle retailers.

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