Murray cod season closes in the south

ANGLERS are reminded that the seasonal fishing closure for Murray cod in South Australia
took effect from August 1.

The seasonal closure is in place until 31 December to protect local Murray cod populations during their peak spawning season.

PIRSA’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Executive Director, Professor Mehdi Doroudi, said
the closure was an important management measure to support the sustainability of
local Murray cod stocks.

“Murray cod are an extremely important species to recreational fishers and to the River
Murray community in general,” Professor Doroudi said.

“Numbers have declined significantly since European settlement, with the Murray cod
fishery first closed in South Australia in 2009.

“Between 1 August to 31 December 2013 fishers in the South Australian section of the
River Murray are not permitted to target the species.

“Anyone found taking Murray cod during the closure could face a maximum penalty of
up to $20 000 if prosecuted before a court. In addition, a ban on trolling for all freshwater fish species in the River Murray and its anabranches is also in place during the closure.”

The Murray cod fishery will reopen for a catch and release season on 1 January 2014.

Note: The closed season for Murray cod in Victoria applies from 1 September to November 30 inclusive.

More information on the rules related to recreational Murray cod fishing are available at

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