Take 10 – Fisho Q&A

1 Name & birthplace?
David Green. Born in Sydney. Roosters supporter.

2 When did you first start fishing?
Began fishing aged three with my grandfather. Hooked since then. All my pre-school crayon drawings include pictures of fish.

3 When did you start writing for Fisho?
Began writing for Fishing World in 1987.

4 What’s your favourite form of fishing?
Favourite fishing varies – enjoy small boat marlin fishing, the challenge of big blue marlin from my 6 metre trailer boat, love barra fishing, jewies, flathead. Also freshwater chasing bass, cod. Tend to specialise in flathead a bit at home – always fun – I pretty much love it all and am always keen to try new things.


Greeny and a solid Murray cod caught & released at Copeton Dam.

5 What do you enjoy about writing for a fishing magazine?
I enjoy writing for Fisho as a good outlet for my creativity and it represents a total change from my other more stressful work and it is fun – meeting fellow fishos is always good. I always look forward to the magazine each month and I really enjoy being part of the Fisho team.

6 Who do you most admire in the fishing media and why?
I admire Jim Harnwell for his ability to tread a calm and steady path in the world of fishing politics. My favourite writers were Ron Calcutt and Vic McCristal and old Ted Clayton. Harro was a great writer for the magazine.

inline_252_ Callide 550.jpg

Greeny was a pioneer of impundment barra fishing in south-east Queensland.  Image: Mick Fletoridis

7 What do you reckon is the best or most satisfying article you’ve written for Fisho?
I’m not sure what my best work was – early on we did trips out to Cato and Wreck Reef in the late 1980s early ’90s and I wrote some nice pieces then. It is hard to judge your own work.

inline_282_ bass Cania 610.jpg

Cania bass – Image: Mick Fletoridis

8 What camera gear do you use?
I have a pair of Nikon D200s due for replacement soon and various Nikon lenses.

9 What advice can you give anyone wanting to get into the fishing media?
Advice for anyone wanting to go into the fishing media – Keep your day job, don’t get sucked into sponsorship or you’ll cut your credibility. Learn to write professionally – that’s the hard part. Be humble always. Fishing is not about the fish, it is about the journey. And have fun – fishing has to be fun – it’s not that important in the overall scheme of things, but enjoy the fact you’ve got a passion for a sport that you will never ever master. It’s a hobby with no start or finish – there’s always a better lure to play with, a new rod, a better sounder – enjoy the ride. The best fish is the next fish.

10 What’s your favourite fishing destination?
My favourite fishing destinations include the Daly River NT, the Coral Sea, Arnhem land, the Tweed Nine Mile, Point Lookout and anywhere that’s next on the agenda. I am of the mindset that all spots can be great at times, and variety is the key. I’ve been lucky to fish many destinations over a long time but just today I caught seven small flatties up to 55cm in Coombabah creek behind my house and it was magnificent!

inline_103_ red 610.jpg

This big red was caught during this year’s Dave Irvine Memorial Snapper Classic at Coffs Harbour. Image: Chris Yu

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