Murray cod size limit review in Victoria

ACCORDING to Victoria’s Department of Environment & Primary Industries (DEPI), surveys of Murray cod populations show that the numbers of large fish in many of the state’s river systems are relatively low and that there is a correlation with the current minimum size limit. This indicates that the size structure of Murray cod populations in many locations is impacted by recreational fishing.

Fisheries Victoria has been working with recreational fishers across the Murray Darling basin to better understand the population status of Murray cod and what key factors drive and effect their population status in the wild. In particular, the development of Murray cod fish population models has helped us bring together decades of applied research and monitoring information.

Armed with this data, Fisheries Victoria embarked on an internal review of Murray cod bag and size limits in 2012. The Murray cod fish population models were used to compare a range of bag and size limit scenarios to investigate which were the most beneficial regulations for both the Murray cod populations and the recreational fishery.

The outcome of the review is a proposal to improve Murray cod populations and the recreational Murray cod fishery by changing bag and size limit regulations. Information about the proposed changes is presented in the video below or can be obtained by reading the consultation paper.

Fishos are now being invited to make submissions. More details available at VIC DEPI website at:

Public Forum
Details of the proposal will be presented at a public forum on Wednesday, August 6, at Rotary Gateway Park, 22 High St (Calder Hwy), Kangaroo Flat, starting at 7.00 pm.

Written submissions to the Consultation Paper must be received by August 29 2014.

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