New and improved Vic Fishing Guide now available

The free guide gives recreational anglers key information about Victoria’s fishing regulations.

THE 2019 Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide has been revamped and is now available from tackle stores across the state and via the Victorian Fisheries Authority website.

Published annually, the free guide gives recreational anglers key information about Victoria’s fishing regulations including licences, target species, catch limits, closed season, equipment and safety.

Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) CEO Travis Dowling said this year’s guide had received a major overhaul to make it simpler to navigate and easier to understand.

“Feedback from anglers had suggested the previous guide was difficult to use in places so we’ve restructured it to make it more user friendly.”

The main changes in new guide include:

  • Re-arranging information into defined marine and freshwater sections;
  • Clearer information about legal rock lobster fishing equipment;
  • Simpler information on shellfish;
  • Better explanations about the trout and salmon catch limits;
  • Straightforward information about spiny cray season and legal equipment;
  • A reminder on the upcoming opera house net changes from 1 July 2019; and
  • A new section on recreational fishing food safety.

Mr Dowling said the 2019 Recreational Fishing Guide is also available on the VFA website and work has commenced on an upgrade of the popular Vic Fishing app for iPhone and Android, likely to be released mid-year.

“We know smart phones are a vital part of every anglers’ tackle box these days, which is why we’re working with an experienced tech provider to seriously improve the current app.”

“Stay tuned on the new app’s releases by jumping aboard VFA’s social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”

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