New ZMan 1/4oz Chatterbait

ZMAN are probably most well known in Australia for their range of 10X Tough, ElaZtech soft plastics, but another extremely effective lure in the their range is the Original Chatterbait. 

The 3/8oz Original Chatterbait has been around for a while and proven deadly on bass and cod, and now Tackle Tactics has the downsized, 1/4oz model available in seven colours. The reduced profile and smaller hook size of the 1/4oz makes it perfect for targeting bass, especially when fishing smaller or more pressured waterways. This reduced profile will also appeal to anglers chasing golden perch, trout, redfin, sooty grunter and saratoga.

Original Chatterbaits feature a patented hexagonal blade mounted on the front of a lead head jig that provides an erratic swimming action, flash and vibration. The skirt creates plenty of action and water movement, while a 10X Tough ElaZtech trailer is also included for added attraction. 

The Tackle Tactics field team have been busily testing the 1/4oz Chatterbaits and as well as plenty of success in the fresh, both mangrove jack and barramundi have also responded well the noise and action of the Chatterbait. 

SRP $8.95 

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