Northern Territory to end commercial barramundi gillnet fishing

BARRAMUNDI gillnet fishing will be phased out across the Northern Territory.

ABC reports, NT’s Labor government on Tuesday announced it would end gillnet fishing for barramundi across the territory if it wins re-election at the upcoming NT election in August.

Chief Minister Eva Lawler said the ban would take four years to implement and would include offers to buy out the 14 commercial licences at a cost of about $15 million. 

NT Recreational Fishing Minister Joel Bowden said Labor would oversee a planned transition rather than an abrupt end to the industry, and that the impact of ending gillnet fishing would not mean the total end of commercial barramundi fishing or large-scale job losses, according to the ABC report.

The amount of fish caught by the commercial barramundi sector has declined significantly over the past decade

Shadow Fisheries Minister Josh Burgoyne said the Country Liberal Party (CLP) opposition would also introduce a phase-out if elected.

President of the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT) David Ciaravolo said today’s announcement would safeguard recreational fishing in the territory.

“If we have a future that is gillnet-free barramundi fishing, then we know we’re going to remain to be the best place to fish for barramundi,” he said.

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