Of long lizards & tarpon

WE received an email today from Qld-based Fisho writer Kris Sweres who was keen to let us know about his weekend fishing exploits. Better that than brag about the Maroons in the lead up to this week’s State Of Origin…

I’ll let Kris explain the story of the accompanying pictures:

In a nutshell I pulled this croc out of 2ft of water on an Anthrax 100, of all lures. It went 72cm on the lie detector and I got him virtually directly opposite Couran Cove on the flats.

inline_429_ flattie mat 550.jpg

Missed the morning session due to the weather and was on the way down to the ramp and was VERY close to pulling the pin again as it was bucketing down. Glad I didn’t…
Also managed three tarpon (aerial displays galore!) lost an easy dozen more and was struggling with 20lb leader….

inline_460_ tarpon ms.jpg

The flatty just blew me away, really just threw the Megabass round as a joke and too check the bigger model’s action more than anything. Water’s freezing too, go figure!

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