Report: First “legal” barra is a trophy!

FOLLOWING recent reports of excellent post-wet barra fishing in the Top End, Fisho received an email this week from Tim van Kuyl who told us he was “just writing to brag about my first ever legal size barra…”

Not really that newsworthy you’d think … but, take a look at the photo and you’ll see the real story. Talk about beginner’s luck, Tim’s first legal barra measured 120cm!  

Tim told Fisho he was fishing at Shady Camp and hadn’t had much luck, until he tied on a banana Bomber.

“Tried every other lure first with not too much luck, only landing a thready of about 600,” he says.

“Turn of high tide came and I re-tied a new 60lb Black Magic leader to my 30lb main line with the Bomber … it was only about six casts later, the fish hit the lure and took off up the creek.”

“She ran about 30 metres then turned left deep into the mangroves, wrapping the line around mangroves and other small shrubs, nearly spooling the lot! We had the boat tied to the trees, so we cut it loose and gave chase!”

“Eventually my mate got the net and only a quarter of it went in … at this stage I knew she was big! I leaned over the boat’s edge and helped pull the fish in, 120cm she measured on the sticker. Then with a few quick photos was kissed on the head and put back healthy and unscathed.”

Tim says it was “possibly one of the best fishing experiences I’ve felt knowing she swam free to breed another day!”

Well done Tim, great effort!

inline_465_ barra.jpg

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