Research into releasing reds

The most effective way to release snapper safely is to use a release weight.

SNAPPER are one of the most popular sport and table fish targeted by anglers in NSW. However, many fishos now choose to release more of their reds, particularly the larger models, in an effort to protect the breeding stock.

Up until fairly recently, it was assumed that snapper weren’t a particularly good catch and release option as they tend to suffer the effects of barotrauma.

However, research by NSW DPI and other fisheries agencies around Australia has revealed that snapper are actually very resilient to barotrauma, provided they can get back to depth.

The most effective way to do this is to use a release weight.

Check this link for how a release weight works.

And here’s a link to find out more about catch and release fishing plus how to easily and cheaply make your own release weight.

If you love fishing for snapper, do your bit to help ensure the sustainability of the fishery and use a release weight for those fish you choose to let go.

It’s a fantastic feeling to release a lit-up snapper – and it’s even better knowing that fish has every chance to get bigger and keep breeding!

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