RFA reports back on state of public piers in relation to fishing

This is what Stan Konstantaras collected from all the wharves he visited…he sorted it into general rubbish where fishing was not occurring and rubbish from areas where fishers where active. The left pile is from fishing areas, right pile is from non-fishing locations. Image: RFA NSW

THE Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) of NSW recently ventured out to take a first-hand look at one of the most iconic and traditional ways of land-based fishing in Sydney; land-based on the piers west of the Harbour Bridge.

RFA President Stan Konstantaras had a walk-around and rubbish-collection session to see what level of littering is occurring. Concerns have been raised by the lease holders about the disgusting states of the piers and plans are well underway to ban fishing in the area which would be another kick in the guts to NSW recreational fishos.

The RFA found…

  • “No evidence of anti-social behaviour like graffiti, no evidence of fires, no evidence of defecation or anything else.
  • Well-mannered anglers, one of whom was from Mt Druitt and had not to many other land-based options.
  • Where bins were provided, solid evidence of anglers using them.
  • More general rubbish than anglers’ rubbish – the RFA did collect it all and take photos.
  • The notion that the “Arts” precincts and patrons are not littering is a myth, their areas were just as bad, if not worse.
  • Squid ink is not a problem – give us a break! – there is more pigeon shit and car oil than squid ink.”
An example of what the RFA believes is an illegal “No Fishing” sign. Image: RFA NSW

Is it a major problem? From what the RFA saw, absolutely not. The RFA did see signs, bins and good amenities provided at Pier 1 where fishing is encouraged and this was by far the cleanest site. 

The RFA is urging all users to keep the areas clean and enjoy the access these wharves provide to some fantastic traditional fishing areas. Let the RFA know if you see any problem areas by emailing them at

The RFA is also taking steps to remove what it believes are illegal “No-Fishing” signs on some Piers. Malcolm Poole from the RFA is working on establishing a working group of anglers who will take a stewardship role in looking after the wharves and educating anglers to do the right thing as a way of ensuring our traditional access is maintained. If you want to help keep Sydney’s piers open to fishing contact the RFA at

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