Rio Outbound Short

FLY line design has come a long way over the past decade. There’s so much choice available with specialist lines covering almost every type of fly fishing. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need a different line for every species you chase in fresh or saltwater. That could become very expensive. But it’s good to know the choice is there if you want the best from your equipment. One line which stands out is the RIO Outbound Short series. I’ve been using the Coldwater Intermediate and Floating versions of the Outbound Short, both in a 9 weight, for the past year. The Outbound Short is designed with a short front weighted section, meaning less line is required outside the tip for an effective cast. For much of my saltwater pelagic fishing around Sydney Harbour over summer chasing kingies, salmon, bonito and tailor, this style of line has proven deadly. The ability to quickly aerialise line and shoot a heavy fly at fish in a matter of seconds will generally mean the difference between success and failure. It’s also an awesome line for casting in strong wind, which is pretty much always when you’re saltwater fly fishing. The Intermediate comes with a inconspicuous clear front section and a yellow mainline. The floating version featuring the same taper comes in a ivory running line with a “moss” coloured head section. If you’re into throwing large chunky flies at cod, this floating version is your line. The RIO Outbound Short comes with handy welded loops at each end for attaching leaders and backing via loop-to-loop connection. A much better idea than tying bulky Albright or nail knots, and I haven’t had one of welded loop connections fail. These lines are also available in Fast Sinking and Intermediate Tip. For a full rundown on the RIO Outbound Short and to check out what else is available from RIO go to

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By Scott Thomas

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