Spring for your copy of September Fisho!

SPRING is only a few weeks away and to mark the changing of the seasons, Fishing World’s September issue comes packed full of spring fishing tips.

In the new issue you’ll find the latest info on tackling ever popular sportfish such as snapper, both from a boat and shore-based, and big bream in hard fished waters.

The September issue features a great piece from David Green as he details the events of  his recent epic NT road trip. The journey saw him clock up thousands of kilometres on both road and water, fish the country’s biggest barra comps, and account for hundreds of these great northern sportfish in the process. It’s vintage Greeny – not to be missed. Still on Greeny, his column this month discusses the latest fishing technology, specifically some of the great gadgets and lure mods he’s been using lately to achieve spectacular results.  

Planning on getting into jigging in the warmer months? If so, you won’t want to miss the September issue’s special feature by seasoned jigger Sean Cummings. This piece has all the ins and outs of what you need to get into some deepwater monsters this spring and summer.

You may have seen our recent article at on the Japanese art of Iso fishing. This deadly technique is finding favour with Aussie rockhoppers looking for an edge when targeting bread and butter species such as drummer, bream and luderick. As Jim Harnwell explains in this issue, Iso is a very exciting and extremely effective way to extract fish from the suds – and for tackle nuts, the gear used for Iso is pretty cool too!

Also in the latest edition of Fisho you’ll find loads of practical info including: how to build a lightweight flathead luring stick; tactics for fighting big fish; how loop knots catch you more fish – and loads more.

This issue you’ll also find our special preview of all the new fishing goodies that’ll be on show in the next few weeks at the AFTA fishing tackle trade show on the Gold Coast. Going by this lot, some pretty smick and exciting gear is headed to your favourite tackle store before the year’s out.

In September Fisho you’ll also find a special brochure detailing effective and humane methods of dispatching fish to keep for the table. This brochure complements a video Fisho has put together as part of a government initiative – the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy. Check out the video here to find out how to care for your catch and ensure its eating qualities.   

Pick up your copy of September Fishing World at your favourite newsagent now, complete with FREE Okuma DVD and sticker – only $7.95.        

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