Tasty jewies on the chew!

FISHO writer Kris Sweres got in touch this week after reading our report on a nice jewie caught at a NSW South Coast bream comp.

Sweres reports he’s been catching a few jewies himself out of Queensland’s Moreton Bay.

“Must have been a few around over the full moon. I nailed a few schoolies over the weekend from the bay (Moreton) including this puppy in only 10ft of water exactly two minutes after the ‘dead low’ official tide reading. That top and slack tide thing is happening too often for it to be a coincidence.

inline_304_ jew 3 400.jpg

“It took a Squidgy Flick bait in ‘Evil Minnow’ and went 82.5cm on the lie detector. Heart wrenching fight, I had forgotten about those big head shakes and how your line just seems to feel so disconnected when it happens. Can’t compete with Damien’s 6lb effort (still shaking my head) but I was pretty amazed I pulled this fish on 10lb,” Sweres wrote.

inline_316_ jew 2 550.jpg

In his email, Sweres also brings up a valid point about the current relevance of bag limits for these fish; also practically demonstrated in images of his culinary skills below – Kris is a chef by trade and judging by those tasty looking morcels, a pretty good one!

“This was one of the meals from the jewie. We are seriously going to eat fish for the next week (plus) which makes you wonder about bag limits regarding these fish and size slots … why would you need more than one fish this size?”

inline_20_ jew 4 400.jpg

inline_798_ jew 5 400.jpg

inline_857_ jew 6 400.jpg

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