TESTED: Banax 37 Telescopic fishing pole

THIS type of tackle is more generally used for coarse fishing in the northern hemisphere, but more recently we have begun exploring a new technique of “dabbing” for flathead.

This 6.4m Banax is one hell of a rod to use out of a 4.2m tinny, but the dabbing method is very effective.

Attaching 6m of 4 to 6 kilo mono to the end of the pole and fishing a 1/8-ounce jig head and 3-inch Gulp allows the angler to do a vertical presentation of the lure a considerable distance from the boat. Jig action is achieved by tapping the butt of the pole. It is a great method to use at low tide walking the sand banks and presenting a lure vertically into all the small drains and run-offs. My son Michael has become a bit of a fanatical “dabber” recently, and at times this method has out-fished traditional casting techniques. It takes a while to get the hang of, however.

After hooking up the pole becomes a gigantic elastic spring, and the hardest bit is getting the fish to the net. The best dabbed flattie so far was 66cm. The Banax is a well constructed extendable 6.4m pole. Keep well away from overhead power lines! If you want to try something really different, have a look at this rod and try dabbing soft plastics. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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By David Green

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