TESTED: C&F Design waterproof lure case

I THINK for as long as I can remember, I have been searching out a personal lure box that would keep me organised – or more so, the lures inside of it! Something that when opened didn’t look like your dog had eaten the Mustad hook factory then yakked it up in a plastic box for you. I hate pulling out one lure and getting 35!

All my dreams came true at this year’s AFTA trade show, when good mate Andy Summers “lured me” with one of two new C&F Design lure pockets, the CFL-2577M Medium Size 7 x 7 Pocket Minnow Box.

These are just the thing I’ve been looking for. It all starts with C&F’s award winning medium sized waterproof case (more commonly seen as a fly box) which is constructed from the strongest ABS plastics, as well as having a large snap latch to lock and seal the box. It has a ripple texture for easy grip when wet and ergonomically rounded at the edges for ease of getting in and out of pockets.

Once you open the 2577M you’ll see places for seven lures on either side (14 lures total) that have been divided by a “separator fin”. The micro slit foam (MSF) is standard – like in all their fly boxes – and is just the thing for holding onto the rear treble without letting go, and keeping lures in a clear row for good identification.

The front treble is held in place by an ingenious, hidden, rare earth magnet concealed under the foam. It’s indicated by a smooth, shiny line and stretches along the length of the box. This is the real secret to this box’s success for keeping everything in its place.
The two sides are kept well separated with the use of a clear swing leaf divider, keeping the two sides from apart from coming together when closed.

All in all it’s a cracking lure case and something I think every keen lure angler could use. It’s neat and tidy and holds enough lures for a good session. If you want to be greedy like me, then carry two … but I can’t ever see myself losing 28 lures in a day!

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More information: Mayfly Tackle (03) 9899 0034;

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