TESTED: Daiwa Certate Hyper Custom 4000 & Saltiga SG 80TN

I was in the market looking for an 8-foot plus spin stick that could handle different fishing environments and species from 2kg up to 10 kg beasties. A two-piece rod was essential to suit my travel requirements – this in itself proved a dilemma. Two piece 8-foot rods rated from 5-10kg simply aren’t common, however, after some research I decided Daiwa’s Saltiga SG80TN would fit the bill.
When it first arrived I was taken back by the lightness of such a rated rod. Being a medium to fast rated taper it provides a crisp whip in the tip section, which is ideal for shooting 10-60 gram lures and it’s perfectly balanced with a potent mid to butt section that can apply some real hurt on targeted finny gangsters!

I matched the rod with the much heralded Daiwa Certate Hyper Custom 4000. This little dynamo combination really does punch well above its weight. Built to withstand the rigours of light to medium sportfishing it’s equally at home targeting plastic munching reds to treble crunching wahoo. Together over the past eight months this combo has been my principal saltwater fishing tool. Hours chasing reds , kings and jew on the NSW South Coast to recent soujourns to WA and north of Oz has seen this outfit tackle the typical plethora of warm water combatants. Metre long queenies to bulldozing fingermark, barra in the sticks to mid sized GTs on the bommies; all were handled with efficient ease. A big plus with eight feet of high modulus graphite is the extra casting distance it provides. This advantage is magnified when seeking sound sensitive fish like snapper in particular; it’s definitely no coincidence that my red catch rate has spiked since using this magnificent tool. When it comes to throwing plastics off the stones for jew then size does matter. Besides the casting ability, the extra length is a godsend for helping avoid braid grabbing barnacles.

Built like a spin reel on steroids the Hyper Custom 4000 is an absolute pleasure to use .It simply feels tough, not silky smooth (besides the drag, which is utterly delightful). It exhibits a no nonsense feel that spells business. With a loaded drag capacity of 8kg and matched with 10kg braid it easily handled what was expected – and a lot more.

This combined outfit has proven to be a lethal fishing tool that has never failed to impress, and has in fact enhanced my joy of fishing – it’s definitely top end of town stuff. Cheap it isn’t but thetrade off is a fishing combination that’s second to none in terms ofdurability, finesse and versatility.
Price: Daiwa Certate Hyper Custom 4000 $895; Saltiga SG 80TN $699.

Contact: Daiwa on (02) 8644 8644;




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