The Deep Drop fishing podcast

THE Deep Drop is Australia’s newest fishing podcast and something like we’ve never heard before.

Hosts Luke McCredden and Adam Ring have years of experience under their belts in the fishing industry from retail, wholesale, media and fisheries; they have just about seen it all.

Each episode of The Deep Drop takes us to that place we’ve all been. Finding ourselves asking the weird and wonderful fishing questions while we are out on the boat, in the car on a road trip, round the camp fire, or having a beer at the bar.

The questions are nostalgic, relevant and so relatable!

Luke and Adam give their no holds barred, insightful, quirky, honest, funny, and sometimes loose takes on the topics and give us a laugh and even something to take away with us that can be useful.

This format is unique and its short form episodes mean it’s very easy to consume.

The boys regularly ask for the listener feedback which they regularly get from Instagram and encourage everyone to give their own thoughts and opinions on the questions of which there are many.

Find The Deep Drop podcast wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe for free.

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Check out the show here:

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