These boots are Korkers

Korkers is a US-based manufacturer well known in fly fishing circles for producing a range of versatile wading boots.

Korkers feature an ‘Omnitrax’ interchangeable sole system to suit various types of terrain. While this interchangeability feature remains at the core of their wading boot range, Korkers has recognised that many don’t require this feature. Moreover, the potential threat posed by the introduction of invasive aquatic nuisance species – such as didymo in New Zealand – is now foremost in the minds of conservation-conscious fly fishers.

In response to this trend, Korkers has released the new Predator wading boot. Two features stand out about this new boot: the first is the “Kling-on” rubber sole, the second the “BOA” (as in constrictor) lacing system.

Kling-on rubber is Korkers’ own proprietary high-friction rubber compound, improving upon the properties to that other well known rubber sole compound, Aquastealth. Its tacky, spongy and durable qualities make it ideal for wading, rock-hopping or scrambling up trails.

The BOA lacing system is proven in the field, having been available on quality snow-boarding boots for some years now. The BOA system is simple to use because there are no laces to tie, so getting in and out of the boots is quick and easy. To lace up you simply turn a small circular crank which tightens a multi-strand stainless steel wire lace. To remove the boots you simply pull out the crank and tension is released.

Predator boots retail for around $270 and will be available through most specialist fly fishing retailers.

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