Tonnes of carp removed from Toolondo

Three tonnes of carp were recently removed from Lake Toolondo.

THREE more tonnes of carp have been removed from Lake Toolondo, Victoria, which should lead to better trout and redfin fishing

This recent haul is the second carp harvest that Victorian Fisheries Authority contractor Austral Research and Consulting has completed in the last three months. Back in May, they also removed three tonnes of carp.

Electro-fishing methods were used in both harvests to target carp. We also caught and released good numbers of redfin and trout during the process.

With six tonnes less carp and a recent 5,000 megalitre transfer, local fishing legend Trevor Holmes says the water quality is good and fishing has picked up.

So, rig up your rods and head to Toolondo this spring to catch some of the action.

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