Top tips for big reds in September Fisho!

FISHING World magazine’s September issue is out now and packed with great sport fishing reading.

This issue’s cover story, “Brissy Reds” details the amazing snapper fishing right on Brisbane’s doorstep. While the article might be centred on the Queensland capital, there are plenty of great snapper tips in this article that apply to reddies everywhere.

Also this issue, David Green looks at the exciting new world of soft vibe lures which are gaining a reputation as go-to artificials when other types fail.     

In September Fisho, Jamie Crawford details the amazing offshore and land-based options available to fishos in Exmouth, Western Australia.  

It’s a well known fact that tides greatly influence the feeding patterns and “catchability” of saltwater sportfish, but what about that big bright thing influencing tides – the moon? There are a number of schools of thought on which moon phases are best for fishing for different species, and this issue Kevin Savvas goes to the dark side to explain why he reckons the new moon is the go.   

Also in September Fisho,we have an exciting feature on the mighty mako skark by knowledgable angler Phil Bolton. Phil’s piece is suitably complemented by some amazing underwater mako images by renowned photographer Sam Cahir. Don’t miss this one!

Pat Brennan delves into the fish’s world this issue and offers some great tips on how several factors on and below the water surface can greatly affect your fishing success. 

Also this month, new writer Jake Levy’s Family Man’s Guide to Fishing is sure to appeal to many Fisho readers struggling to find the time to fish!

Also in the September issue you’ll find loads of features and topical columns including:

  • David Green explains why the sight and sound of a big fish smashing a lure keeps you going back for more
  • Bob Russo shows you how to build a rod for all seasons
  • Mark Williams looks at how to prepare for the coming spring fishing season
  • Greg Finney answers all your fishing questions
  • Sami Omari offers tips on how to prepare for a day out on the water
  • Dave Rae writes on the pleasures of taking kids fishing
  • Boat Fishing – TABS 4800 Territory Pro reviewed

    PLUS – The latest News, Letters, and Shimano Juniors.

Don’t miss out on your copy of Fisho’s September issue, from your favourite newsagent or for iPad via the Apple store now!

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