Tuna Develop “Beer Goggles”

FISHO received an interesting email from reader Chris Fowler this week, the contents of which may have revealed a hot new tuna catching technique…

According to Chris, the fisherman featured in the accompanying pics is Frank Myers who while out on the water doesn’t mind partaking in the odd drop of Cascade Light beer. 

On a trip on board Redeye out of Portland in Victoria last weekend, Frank’s mates thought they’d play a joke on him by making a lure that paid homage to his ale of choice. Unbeknownst to Frank the innovative “lure” was despatched astern once underway. Sometime later when reeling his line in, Frank was understandably amazed by what he found attached! 

Although he didn’t manage to pull a fish in on the skirted stubbie it turned out to be a very effective teaser! According to Chris Fowler, when the wacky looking lure was in the water they caught fish, when it wasn’t, things were quiet.

The boys reportedly scored a good catch of bluefin tuna to 40kgs over the weekend.

inline_498_ tuna 550.jpg

Anyone else had some success with some crazy looking DIY lures? We’d love to hear about it.

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