Victorian recreational fishing licence fees safeguarding wild trout stocks

Rainbow trout. Image: Patrick Linehan

THE Wild Trout Fisheries Management Program is set to continue thanks to the state’s recreational fishing licence fees.

The Australian Trout Foundation has been awarded a grant to lead stage three of the program, which will deliver research, education, planning and on-ground works to safeguard the future of Victoria’s wild trout stocks.

On priority streams, locations will be identified where bankside planting of native vegetation will have most shade-benefit to keep water temperatures down during the peak of summer.

The collection of water temperature information in priority streams will be expanded and made available to fishers so they can plan their trips with the best chance of success.

Incubator and fry stocking trials will be evaluated and regional workshops with fishers and catchment management authorities will accelerate river health restoration and angler access efforts.

Additionally, learnings and delivery from all of this will be shared with freshwater fishers at the annual Talk Wild Trout Conference, which is another part of the program.

To learn more about other new projects, also funded by Victoria’s fishing licence fees, visit

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