WA trout review

The management of Western Australia’s recreational trout fishery is now under review and
submissions are being sought on a new discussion paper.

For almost 140 years brown trout and rainbow trout have been stocked into WA’s rivers and
other water bodies, to help support recreational fishing. With the exception of the freshwater cobbler, most native freshwater fish in the south west of the State are not of a sufficient size to be of interest to freshwater anglers.

Both brown and rainbow trout are non-endemic and predatory species and have the potential to
impact on native species and, hence, require careful management.
Department of Fisheries Principal Management Officer Nathan Harrison said the new discussion
paper (titled “A Five-Year Strategy for the Recreational Trout Fishery”) outlined the issues
facing the fishery and seeks feedback from the community.

“Reduced rainfall and land management practices have impacted significantly on many streams
and rivers in the South West of WA,” Harrison said.

“With the changing environmental conditions, it is appropriate that we review current stocking
practices to ensure we have the right balance between ensuring sustainability of native species
and providing for recreational fishing in defined areas.”

For more information on the strategy or discussion paper visit

Submissions must be lodged by 31 December 2009.


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