Walk a Skinny Dog

THE new Skinny Dogs by Fish Candy are ideal topwater “walkers” for this summer – perfect for whiting, bass, saratoga, trevally, bream, cod or any species that loves to feed on the surface.

The makers say Skinny Dogs feature some unique forward facing feathers that look like feelers in the water. On the slow roll they gently move forward and back, like the lure is alive.

Also some are filled with glass orange balls called “Caviar rattles” that give a nice rattle to provoke fish strikes when things may be slow.

The lure is extremely easy to use. With a gentle left to right action while retrieving the lure will flick left and right and “walk the dog” perfectly. It can also be slow rolled or twitched to erratically spit water and skip like a fleeing prawn or garfish. The lures are fitted with Decoy hooks to give anglers every possible chance to hook up.

There is a range of colours available from Prawns, Garfish and Mullet so there’s sure to be a colour to fit your conditions. Available in 65mm RRP $17.95 and 95mm RRP $19.95 in stores now.


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