Wazza the croc whisperer?

WHILE having a well earned reputation for his first rate guiding skills, Northern Territory based Warren “Wazza” Smith, might also be gaining a reputation as a “croc whisperer”.

Regular visitors to the Fisho site will recall some of Wazza’s recent images of a monster croc devouring another saurian. The pics first posted here, were also snapped up by local and overseas based online news agencies. As a result of the interest the photos generated, Waz told Fisho he has had to find himself an agent…     

While seeing crocs is pretty much an everyday occurrence for Waz who is based at Melville Lodge in the Tiwi Islands, it seems the crocs are coming out of the woodwork to see him…

“While fishing the other day, Nick (client) lobbed a fizzer into the timber which became stuck fast and just as we were moving over to recover the lure a small (around 2m) crocodile popped up from nowhere and gently grabbed the lure from the timber and ever so kindly swam over to the boat and sat nice and still while I removed the fizzer with my lure retrieval pole,” Wazza told Fisho this week.

“There was only one hook point that was just sitting on his skin so it was all very painless and quick for all involved. Wish all crocs were this well behaved…” concluded Waz.

Can’t argue with that, Waz!

inline_565_ fizzer 610_0DBFC600-38B7-11E4-9F2F02D1A622E626.jpg

“Come to Wazza…”


Smiling crocodile – The around 2m croc doesn’t look too fazed about the fizzer that bit back. 

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