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THE advent of digital TV, plus the rise of YouTube and other internet based TV channels, has seen an upsurge in the number of fishing shows available these days. Most older fishos would probably agree that the ABC’s A Fisherman’s World and A River Somewhere, plus SBS’s Wild Fish, represent the best of classic Australian fishing TV, but there are now various other shows available, although the quality of some of these is debatable.

Several of these newer shows, notably Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing, the River Monsters series starring Jeremy Wade and the Kiwi-based Big Angry Fish, are filmed overseas while programs like iFish, Escape with ET, Big Fish Small Boats, Rob Paxevanos’ Fishing Australia and Lee Rayner’s Fishing Edge, plus various other less prominent programs, are locally produced. Yet more are available online or via community channels.

Of these, Fisho reckons Big Angry Fish and Fishing Edge are the pick of the bunch, mainly because of consistent fishing action, laidback yet knowledgeable hosts and minimal product plugging. River Monsters is interesting, although it’s often pretty corny. Extreme Fishing could be a great show – if it wasn’t for its host Robson Green, who is a complete twat!

Other shows Fisho has enjoyed include Hook, Line & Sinker (which always displayed a refreshing irreverence) and Adventure Bound (which has since morphed into Fishing Edge).

What shows do YOU enjoy watching? And which ones drive you nuts? And why? Is it a lack of fishing action, annoying hosts, too much product plugging or poor production values? Let us know your comments! And we’re sure all the TV guys will find your feedback of interest as well …

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