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Garmin Panoptix Forward PS51-TH thru-hull transducer


GARMIN’S new Panoptix Forward PS51-TH thru-hull transducer is designed to give boaters more confidence and peace of mind when navigating unfamiliar water.

The new phased-array multi-beam transducer incorporates Panoptix FrontVü forward-looking sonar, which displays the bottom up to 300ft (90m) ahead of the boat at 8-10 times the current water depth.

Coupled with its fast update rate, the PS51-TH delivers almost instant feedback of what’s in front of the boat to provide the information skippers need to make critical navigation decisions – and the time to react to obstacles by changing course, if needed.

Thanks to its narrow beam, forward-looking sonar (20 degrees), the PS51-TH allows skippers to focus on the bottom in front of the boat and shows fewer false positives of obstructions off to each side of the boat.

Compatible with a wide range of Garmin chartplotters, FrontVü sonar data can be easily shared with other chartplotters across the Garmin Marine Network. No black box is needed – simply plug-in the transducer once it’s installed and start exploring.

RRP AU$2399.

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